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The expert told how to prepare your car for spring

Эксперт рассказал, как подготовить автомобиль к веснеWhen it is necessary to carefully inspect the car.

Journalist and expert Julius Maksymchuk told how to prepare your car for spring and what needs to be done priority, with roads as soon as the snow melted and it warmed up.

The first thing the specialist advises to confine “pereobuvku”. First of all, he believes that it is necessary to evaluate the residual height of the tread of your summer tires. For ease of monitoring the majority of tyre manufacturers make their products wear indicators (rubber steps), which is equal to the specified minimum height.

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Summer tires should also inspect for the presence of side cuts, “cones”, any sharp objects that can penetrate the wheel of nails, glass and other things.

In addition to tires, it is important to check on the status of a number of components and parts of the vehicle. First of all it concerns the body. After the cold season all the reagents should be removed from the machine, washed it thoroughly and assess the condition of the wiper blades.

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You will also enjoy the state of the paintwork: if there is chipped paint or pockets of rust, it must be cleaned to bare metal and then paint over with special paint.

The expert noted that many owners do not pay much attention to the battery, making a big mistake. During the winter the battery is experiencing high load, and therefore with the onset of heat it is advisable to check the battery charge and make sure that he maximum.

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