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The expert told how to drive to the gas station with low fuel

Эксперт рассказал, как доехать до заправки с низким запасом топлива Such advice can be useful for any driver.

Not everyone knows what to do when the lamp is lit the remaining fuel and the nearest petrol station the car might not make it.

You need to understand that light notifies not the end of the fuel, and that it is still present, but it will refuel you need already. After sunbathing on the instrument panel, gasoline pump, you can count on a reserve of litres that will allow you to travel about 50 km.

If the light stays on for a long time, and a petrol station far away, then you need to turn off all possible electric appliances: air conditioning, various warmups, the music, even the headlights. The more the load on the generator, the more fuel the car consumes.

When the driver of the vehicle of the new generation, it also can save the situation. These cars mode fuel-efficient driving. It is activated by pressing the “Eco”.
No need to try to quickly drive to the gas station, or rather do not have much to disperse the car. You need to go safely, without unnecessary prosazovat and jerks. The optimum speed of 80 km/h.

If the car stalled, and the gas station is near, it is possible to push the car in neutral. But not to torment the car, it is better to catch a ride, grab a canister and go to the gas station for fuel.

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