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The expert told about the differences between different transmission

Эксперт рассказал об отличиях разных коробок передач Robot and CVT have one major difference.

All drivers, or almost all, well-versed in what the differences are at the “mechanics” of “automatic”.

But the difference between a variable speed or robotic installation few people know until the end. Robotic gearbox is almost mechanical. The only difference is that transfer switches are not the driver, and specialized servos. Such parts in the box with the robot is two, one of them is responsible for the clutch, the other for shifting during movement.

Before you buy “robot” you need to ride in the car with her, as many may categorically do not like the algorithm of operation of such vehicle.

Variable speed box is one of the kinds of carton machine. Difference is the complete absence of fixed gear. Typically the CVT is popular in motor vehicles as well as small city cars.

Question: “what kind of box is better?” is complex enough to make your choice is to get a closer look at each vehicle and try to ride that in the course of the movement to understand which option suits you best.

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