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The expert said, will protect the body one measles vaccination

Эксперт рассказала, защитит ли организм одна прививка от кориHow to check if it helped vaccine.

The measles outbreak in Ukraine has led several reasons. Main of them – refusal of vaccination or the vaccination is not full.

About it told the candidate of medical Sciences Viktor Sidorenko. He explained why one vaccination against measles is not enough and how to check if it helped the vaccine to develop immunity to dangerous illness.

The doctor recalled that in this year of complications from measles killed more than 12 people.

“The spread of measles in Ukraine is facilitated by several reasons. First, it is the human factor. Many people do not want to vaccinate their children. It’s really scary. Because when you lower the barrier of vaccination below 60% may be epidemic, and it has already had,” he said.

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According to Sidorenko, the negative attitude to vaccination partially blame the media.

“Very few speak about how well protected immunized against measles and other diseases. And if, God forbid, there is any complication, the next day on all TV channels, all radio channels tell you,” he explained.

But in addition to the categorical refusal of the vaccination, according to him, there is another General misconception is no less dangerous.

“Vaccinations are not met in full. Need two vaccinations against measles. Many people, having a vaccination, believe that they are completely protected from the disease, and the second did not come. But this is not enough” said the medic.

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Sidorenko has noticed that for protection against measles in the vaccinated organism of the person to produce antibodies. However, each has individual characteristics, sometimes the antibodies are not produced in sufficient quantity.

“And here is where, if the rules, to conduct the two-time vaccine, and then in a laboratory to determine if you have immunity against measles or not. And if not immune, repeat the vaccination”, he advised.

Эксперт рассказала, защитит ли организм одна прививка от кори

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