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The expert said the main flaw in the ideology of Russia

Эксперт назвал основной изъян в идеологии РоссииThis view of the world and its citizens, the country shows the real backwardness.

Occupying a part of Ukraine, Russia violated the basic principles of the world order and considers acceptable to pursue such a policy in relation to other countries.

“The key problem is that you are an independent state, which the Kremlin is looking through the prism of Donbass and Crimea, and this demonstrates the confidence of Moscow that your sovereign ship are not free to decide what he wants to do. Free Ukraine has made its choice to look more towards Western Europe than to Moscow. And this determined her eye that you are not allowed to do that. This is the reason why there was intervention – as punishment, as a lesson,” said the politician.

Cox also notes that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considers acceptable interference in the internal Affairs of other countries to protect so-called “Russian citizens”, despite the fact that they really are citizens of independent States.

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“They live in the Baltic States, CIS and here, in Ukraine. But the UN Charter as its first rule is respect for the sovereignty of other member States. And those who have been severely punished for such contempt, was Saddam Hussein after the invasion of Kuwait. President Putin has achieved influence through the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in the Donbass and the denial of his involvement, that’s why I said it cynically. Because, of course, Russia is involved in the conflict, and the denial of it – cynicism. All these things destroy the rule of law and are fundamental disrespect for the sovereignty of a free state,” the politician said, adding that the invasion of Ukraine was a fundamental violation of the principles laid down after the Second world war.

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In this context, he also notes that the civilized countries are based on principles, among which are the sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The arguments that Vladimir Putin is trying to justify himself, like, “what about Kosovo and Serbia?”, lead to nowhere. Because then what about the Habsburg Empire after the First world war, which belonged to some part of modern Hungary, Ukraine and not only them? How? We must walk this road and to rewrite history? The answer is this: those who want to rewrite history, needs to repeat it. And 20th century history not worth repeating,” said Cox.

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