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The expert said the danger of installing big wheels

Эксперт рассказал, чем опасна установка больших колес Exceed the default size of the wheels on the car is not recommended.

First, let define what it means to be “more factory”. The fact that nearly all car manufacturers offer several options to the dimension of the rims and tires: each of these options approved by the manufacturer as tested and means not only the physical ability to set the wheels on the car, but the optimality of the operating parameters.

Thus, if you bought a car with discs with a diameter of 15 inches, but in a different configuration the manufacturer offers 17-inch wheels, you can install these in your car without fear of negative consequences. However, before installing you should definitely check out the allowable sizes of wheels for your car in the user manual to verify technical capabilities and to choose correctly the dimension of the rims and tires.

Speaking of “more factory”, we mean first of all the wheels, the size of which exceeds the parameters recommended by the manufacturer. Such “experiments” affect performance. However, even if you act within the limits established by the manufacturer, physics can not be fooled, and installing 17-inch wheels instead of 15 inch, of course, also not go unnoticed – much of what is listed below, and will be fair in this case.

Also, define that the wheel is ready to install the element Assembly consisting of tire and rim. And “increase” in this sense is the concept of multivalued because of the increase in diameter of the disc does not necessarily mean increasing the wheel diameter. Let us examine the order.

Harmful than installing large drives?

First of all, the discs are of larger diameter tend to have more weight and therefore increasing unsprung weight. A heavier wheel is harder to spin the engine – that is, the fuel consumption will be higher, and the dynamics worse. In addition, increased unsprung weight affects suspension online – it is designed for a certain load, the regular limited wheels.

To increase the diameter of the disk is usually accompanied by and increase of its width, and changing the departure time (the seat depth of the disk wheel arch). This changes the operating parameters of the wheel bearings, increasing the load on them and significantly reduces their resource. Depending on the degree of deviation of the parameters from the regular bearings can last for 20-30% less, and can and “pour” every few thousand kilometers.

Well, now from the discs to the tires – because the increase in diameter of the disk changes and settings of the installed tires.

Harmful than installing larger tires?

The rule of increasing weight with increasing size is true of tires: as a rule, the larger tire rim size have a large mass that is added to the mass of the wheel Assembly and resulting unsprung weight.

The second drawback stems from the fact that the vast majority of cases the increase of the diameter of the disk is due to the reduction of a tyre: that is, to a new large disks got into the arch, they need to wear lower-profile tires. But the reduced profile is a deterioration of the ride and General comfort of the car. In addition, more “subtle” tire worse dampens shock loads and more passes them on – disk and suspension.

Thus, riding on low profile tires on imperfect roads means a reduction in resource of suspension and wheels and a corresponding increase in operating costs, including on the bus, the risk of damage which increases with decrease profile.

Yes, another indirect, but the drawback is the financial aspect. More money will have to pay not only for new rims, but for tires for them and tire, and potential repair of low-profile tires.

But even among the unpleasant consequences we can mention the change in the accuracy of the speedometer: initially, the speedometers are usually set at a slight overstatement of the evidence on real speed, and with the gradual growth of the diameter of the wheel it will become more precisely, and then will “lie” more and more. In addition, with the increase of the width of the tire increases its tendency to aquaplaning.

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Are there advantages to installing the larger wheels?

Of course, the increase in wheel diameter does not mean continuous flaws, it has a positive side. For example, larger diameter wheels means the increase in ground clearance, and also increase the top speed because one revolution of the wheel of larger diameter goes a long way.

The growth of the width of the rubber means an increase in the contact patch with the road and, accordingly, the clutch with it – it improves the car’s handling and speed cornering.

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