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The expert listed the main errors of the winter motorists

Эксперт перечислил главные зимние ошибки автомобилистов Winter needs a different approach to the operation of the cars.

We all know that the operation of the machine in the winter is definitely different from the summer. Take, for example, engine start – elementary, it would seem that the action that we perform in day several times. Frost enthusiasts who care about their car, have to be careful starting the engine.

Many drivers that in the summer that in winter, sitting in the car and start the engine, immediately start driving. And if heat is allowed, then in the cold to do wrong. Wait at least half minute to on the dashboard extinguished all the lights.

Another common mistake car owners on manual transmission – they’re launching the starter, push the clutch pedal. It really loads the engine in cold weather.

The car won’t start? Remember: more than 5 times in a row to start the car to attempt the impossible! And each attempt should last no longer than 10 seconds. If you are not able to cope with five attempts, take out the key from ignition and go in search of the cause of the problem.

Some people think that in winter the car must be warmed up for 10-20 minutes, they say, because all the systems “Wake up”. Turns out the car only a couple of minutes to proceed to grade work.

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