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The expert have predicted the fall of fuel prices

Эксперт спрогнозировал падение цены на горючееDuring this week’s fuel in Ukraine fell in price by 40-50 cents.

Now in Ukraine the average cost of a liter of gasoline A-95 is 24,55 UAH, liquefied natural gas – of 10.92 UAH and diesel fuel – UAH 22,30.

Why the price of fuel is cheaper? Over the last month the price of a barrel of oil on world markets has dropped from 53 to 46 dollars, explains the Director of “Consulting group A-95” Sergey Kuyun in comments to “FACTS”.

This leads to a gradual reduction in the cost of fuel, which is made from this oil. Ukraine imported European fuel with new lower prices. Accordingly, prices at the pump began to fall. According to the expert, in the nearest week the cost of a liter of fuel at filling stations will fall approximately on the hryvnia.

Also factor in the cost of fuel, now is the national currency. According to the Director of special projects of the SEC “Psyche” Gennady Ryabtseva, when oil will fall in price by 1 percent, this will provide a basis for reducing the cost of gasoline by 10 cents in two weeks. At the same time, the change in the exchange rate to the dollar at UAH 1 leads to a change in fuel cost to 60 cents. Now in Ukraine there is a coincidence of two factors – cheaper oil and the hryvnia strengthened. This creates conditions for further reduction in the cost of fuel at local gas stations.

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