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The expert has predicted a hot time in the Donbass

Эксперт спрогнозировал горячее время на ДонбассеIn the coming months, Russia will try to organize the endless aggravation in the East of Ukraine, said arestovich.

Military expert Alexey arestovich said that Russia would support a tense situation in the Donbas. This opinion he expressed in an interview with “Apostrophe”.

According to him, the Kremlin should be to the Donbas bloodshed and to turn the people against the government.

“Autumn is a hot time in all respects. In autumn the Russians have a drop in performance, because they fired conscripts to the reserve. This means that until September, they should solve all their military problems. I don’t see much feats from them in the Donbass, according to the type of attempt to take Mariupol. We are there stronger. But the endless aggravation, the tactics of a thousand cuts, so the blood was shed, and that blood was picked up and promoted in the media, that stormed the soldiers ‘ mothers, the outrage, the patriots. This is being prepared. To write in social networks that the Minsk agreement do not work, and “cursed Poroshenko regime is killing our soldiers”, – said arestovich.

Earlier, former officer of operational management of the armed forces, retired Colonel and military expert Oleg Zhdanov has told that on Donbass the local fighters and the Russian military switched from attacks on the Ukrainian military on residential areas of settlements, which poses a threat to any city or village at a distance of 30 km from the front line.

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