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The expert explained where to store the spare tire

Эксперт рассказал, где лучше хранить запасные шины Heating and cooling of the tires should be held evenly.

Those who in winter and summer ride on the same all-season tires may not be reading this article. It is addressed to the majority of drivers – those who believe that it is better safe to operate tires appropriate for the season. These owners have twice a year to solve the problem of seasonal storage set of tires.

The wheels can be stored at virtually any temperature, typical for Ukraine. But with one condition: the wheel is in storage must be heated or cooled evenly. That is, the storage of the hot radiators or near a cold wall in the cold is unacceptable. The fact that rubber when heated, it becomes softer, and when cooled hardens. If one part of the wheel will be constantly warm (and soft), and the second cold and hard, then stay for six months in such conditions the rubber could fatally change the shape.

And so that during subsequent mounting between it and the disk a gap. In addition, the wheel in storage must be protected from exposure to direct sunlight. The result of this impact may be even the formation of numerous microcracks on the surface of the tyre. Through them, she becomes weak and loses much strength. Having dealt with the optimal storage of wheels, the environmental conditions, asking about the other important factor is the position of the wheel during storage.

The perfect way to store rubber to mount it on the disk and hang. That is so that the tyre had no pressure from the surrounding objects. But to create such a “hothouse conditions” may not all the car owners. So they keep the wheels somewhere in the home or garage environment, or in position side-lying or “standing”.

Experts advise to choose the standing option. Supposedly when the tire deforms less. But he adds that occasionally the wheel to turn – not to deform under its own weight. Note that in the warehouses of firms offering paid service, seasonal tire storage, tires in that position and stored. However, none of their shifting does.

The above-mentioned experts also claim that store wheels in a reclining position is possible only when they are mounted on the disk, because lower-stacked tire (without discs) under weighing heavily wrinkled, and then it will not mount. However, as practice shows, the storage of tires so they will not significantly hurt. The main thing – to protect the rubber from the sun. As a variant – on the balcony, in the space provided.

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