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The expert explained what to expect from bitcoin in the near future

Эксперт рассказал, чего стоит ожидать от bitcoin в ближайшем будущемThe popular cryptocurrency has become a subject of controversy.

Capitalization of cryptocurrencies for 10 years will reach $2 trillion. So says well-known financial analyst and founder of the investment firm Standpoint Research’s Ronnie Moas.

“My concern about the fact that bitcoin is now at a record high values comparable with the experiences of the early investors in Amazon or Google. Those, in his time, was concerned that the shares of these companies increased by hundreds of percent and reached the level of $100 and $200. Today courses the shares of these companies exceed $900. The question is not at what stage we are now, but where are we going? I don’t think we are inside a bubble,” said Moas.

According to experts, in the next ten years, the return on investment in cryptocurrency is not less than 1250%.

“In early July, bitcoin was trading at around $2500 dollars, said the analyst. I’m sure in the next three years we will likely see $15 thousand- $20 thousand per bitcoin”.

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