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The expert explained how to understand the abbreviations on the trunk of a car

Эксперт рассказал, как расшифровываются аббревиатуры на багажнике авто Such labels can tell a lot about the design of the machine.

On the trunk of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, it is often possible to meet various nameplates.

Are these indicators is not accidental, therefore, they should pay attention, especially at the time of purchase of a new car. They look not only as a literal notation. Often the nameplates and numbers.

There are a few common ones:

-TSI, this letter tells drivers that this car is equipped with turbocharging and direct injection, of fuel;

-TDI, indicates that the vehicle is equipped with a diesel engine having a turbocharger. The volume of motor may be different, so consider this factor;

Cars with diesel engines as indicated by various signs:

CDI, a common designation for Mercedes-Benz car group of Daimler. The numbers next to the marking say on the volume of the engine;

-CRDI, used to refer to Korean cars;

-DCi is the abbreviation for direct injection fuel system.

Even some of the most popular nameplates that can be seen on the MPI cars, BMW M-series, Brabus, Lorinser, AMG, Quattro, 4Matic, AWD, 4Motion. Each of these parameters often indicates the specific car brand and some technical data of the model.

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