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The expert explained, can I use expired engine oil

Эксперт объяснил, можно ли использовать просроченное моторное масло It is very important to observe the conditions of storage of the oils.

Many car owners concerned about the question whether it is possible to flood the engine expired engine oil. Some are convinced that the outdated oil is able to bring the car out of action, while others believe that any harm to the engine this oil will bring.

According to some “experts” motor oil that was lying in the garage not to be used. They explain this by the fact that over time grease change their performance characteristics: in the end of shelf life is greatly increased its ash content, increases or decreases viscosity, “lost” additives and so on. In General, to fill the expired engine oil – experts say – is dangerous, because there is a risk of falling on the overhaul.

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In fact, on the properties of motor oil is influenced not so much time, how many storage conditions. Manufacturers usually assign mineral oils about three years of life, synthetic, up to five. Date of manufacture and the exact expiration date is always indicated on the package.

So, the oil should be stored in sealed containers in a well ventilated area at a temperature of about 15-20 degrees. It is important that the capacity does not get direct sunlight. Also, the oil should be kept away from heaters and protected from temperature extremes.

If the oil is original, not fake, and stored correctly, not expired, it will not lose its properties. However, before pouring it into the engine, there should be a small visual test. The amount of sediment at the bottom of the canister should not exceed the maximum rate, the fluid must be homogeneous and of the same color (indistinguishable in appearance from the fresh oil).

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If you are not sure what grease remained in compliance with all conditions, it is better not to “feed” it the engine. However, if nowhere to go, and other oil at hand, use what you have. The main – stay tuned in the following weeks the level and condition of oil and not to delay scheduled replacement of the fluid.

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