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The expert described the value of study abroad

Эксперт назвал стоимость обучения за границейThe price depends on the city.

The cost of studying in a foreign University depends on the country and level of education, but there are options with the perfect ratio of price and quality of education.

This was during a press Breakfast, said the head of the Department for higher and secondary education abroad, international education company education DEC Elena Safronova.

According to experts, the price of living and studying abroad vary from country to country. At the same time, there are options that observe the perfect combination of quality and price.

“In the Netherlands the price ranges in the area of 7 thousand Euro per year, without room and Board. They also give scholarships to our children. We had a situation when our children gave a scholarship to 1-2-2,5 thousand Euro in the first year of study. In the Netherlands also officially, you can stay 12 months after graduation, find a job, search for an employer. There are many headquarters of international companies, who, after Brexit move there,” – said E. Safronova.

The price for accommodation depends on the city. At the same time, one of the most expensive countries for living and learning is the United Kingdom.

“In the UK the price for training starts at 12 thousand pounds a year, accommodation and meals – £ 1,200 per month for London and £ 1,000 out of London,” – said E. Safronova.

At the same time, you should not miss the submission to a foreign University. Experts suggest to address this issue a year before the intended study. If parents want to send their child to receive secondary education abroad, documents need to be engaged for 2-3 years before that.

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