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The expert described the possible scenarios of the end of the world

Эксперт назвал возможные сценарии конца света A global cataclysm may be associated with the operation of the Collider.

A leading British astronomer Lord Martin Reese advanced warning of what can happen, if it is wrong to experiment with particle accelerators, including the Large hadron Collider.

“Professor Lord Martin Rees opened “worst case scenario” for particle accelerators: they can provoke the death of the Earth as we know it”, – reports the edition.

There are three versions of end of the world, who described Reese:

1. Can form a black hole that sucks in whatever is around.

2. Quarks can regroup, forming a superdense objects, which are called “strangley”. This in itself would be harmless. However, according to the hypotheses, strongly may by infecting to convert everything else that will get in his way, a new form of matter, turning the entire Earth hyperplane a sphere with a diameter of about 100 meters.

3. Current vacuum, possibly fragile and unstable. Some have speculated that concentrate the energy generated by the collisions of elementary particles, can start “phase transition”, which will tear the fabric of space. This would be a disaster on a cosmic scale, not just earth.

All these dangers Reese described in his new book “the future: prospects of mankind”.

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, for his part, assured: “the Large hadron Collider is perfectly safe. The collision, which releases more powerful energy happens in the earth’s atmosphere millions of times a day, and nothing terrible happens.”

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