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The expert described the main disadvantages of the sedan Audi A8

Эксперт назвал главные недостатки седана Audi A8So if a good premium car.

Model Audi A8 can be called a car that revolutionised the German mark. This is a real premium car, which is a dream of many fans of the German automotive industry. You can read detailed review of Audi A8 in Vipos and learn about all the benefits of the car. However, the majority of motorists interesting problematic issues that may arise during operation of the vehicle. After all, get used to good things very quickly, but the problems etched in my memory for a long time.

Admittedly, the sedan Audi A8 is commendable, as the designers took into account the shortcomings of the Mercedes W140 or E38 and BMW have developed a reliable and quality car. However, sometimes the advantages of the vehicle are at the same time and its consequential disadvantages.

Let’s start with the biggest and most expensive parts Audi A8 body. The Germans made the car body is aluminum. Theoretically, the aluminum body should not rust, however, in practice, corrosion is still present. Of course, this corrosion does not like rust, which “kills” the steel body. Aluminium is resistant to water, oxide surface film does not allow the material to oxidize. But electrochemical corrosion has not been canceled. Aluminum body reacts with copper, steel, other alloys of aluminum and over the years destroyed.

Afraid aluminum and chemicals, which plentifully poured on the winter roads in cities. However, such corrosion does not affect primary structure of the body, and serious damage to the body are observed only after an accident. Usually the corrosion is manifested on the mounts of the subframe to the elements of the exhaust system on the hinges of doors, at joints with steel elements, as well as at the point of attachment of the “masses.” It is observed in the form of cavities without the usual red tinge. In addition, painting aluminum is very difficult because of the need to comply with specific technology and the use of special primers.

Body repair more difficult, the welding is practically impossible due to warping of elements. So you have to use rivets, putty and epoxy adhesives. It is particularly difficult to restore the factory glue joints.

Although the volume of the fuel tank the Audi A8 is 80-90 liters, depending on the modification used cars you are unlikely to use the full volume. The thing is that the fuel tank has a complex geometry and is divided into two parts. This is one pump that is able to pump the fuel from the two parts of the tank only when full sealing and no pollution. Repair of tank very difficult, so many old cars go to only half of the volume of the tank.

Audi A8 suspension aluminum multi-link ensures a high degree of comfort, excellent handling and stability car on the road. But for our roads it is too “delicate”. If you’re lucky, with careful operation suspension can go 100 thousand miles.

Very often there is pouring rainwater electronics. Come with failure the engine control unit, valves climate control, anti theft alarm, drives electrothermal. Can also go with the system the tail lights, audio system and navigation. So, buying a used Audi A8, immediately look for a qualified auto electrician.

Overall, the car is very good, but requires care that is very costly.

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