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The existence of Santa Claus proved by using the theory of relativity

Существование Деда Мороза доказали с помощью теории относительностиThe magician manages to travel at the speed of about 10 million kilometers per hour.

Physicist Kathy Shin (Katy Sheen) argues that the ability of Santa Claus to remain inconspicuous and silently to move is described by the special theory of relativity (str) that was created by albert Einstein in 1905. So, from-for movements at high speed, it can change its size and thus to climb up the chimney, and not susceptible to aging.

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It is estimated that the wizard could travel with a speed of 10 million miles per hour to over night to deliver gifts to all children. For this reason Santa Claus is impossible to ignore, and due to the Doppler effect at this speed it still impossible to hear.

Shin hopes that her explanation will inspire children and will not allow them to question the existence of Santa Claus. Publish your research in scientific journals no plans specialist.

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SRT describes the movement, the laws of mechanics and spatio-temporal relations with arbitrary speeds less than the speed of light in vacuum, including close to the speed of light. In the framework of the theory of classical Newtonian mechanics is an approximation for low speeds. The main difference from a HUNDRED of classical mechanics is the dependence of the spatial and temporal characteristics of speed.

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