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The exaltation of the cross: the main traditions and rules

Воздвижение Креста Господня: главные традиции и правила	What not to do in a holiday on September 27.

The feast of the exaltation of the cross has its own history, customs and traditions. Naturally, like all religious holidays it is associated with certain taboos. According to legend, on this day in 326 year was the finding of the cross in Jerusalem near the mount of Calvary – the place of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is believed that if there were found the cross on which they crucified Jesus Christ and was lost. But later it was found three crosses. To determine which of them is the cross of Christ, helped the sick woman. She put her hand to one of the crosses, and come to her healing.

On this day it is forbidden to do household chores. You should put aside daily chores and more time to devote to prayers. During the celebration you can not arrange magnificent feasts, to drink alcohol. On this day all the Orthodox observe a strict fast food only seasoning vegetable oil. Prohibited on this day to eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

“Who is Erecting the post does not hold by seven sins erected” — said our ancestors.

On this day, it is not recommended to walk in the woods. It has long been thought that the devil counts of forest animals, and to see that the common man cannot.

The Exaltation of the cross it is impossible to argue and sort things out with loved ones, and start new businesses. In addition, you should avoid entertainment activities, leisure time and watching entertainment programs on television.

Our ancestors, there were various signs and traditions associated with this day. For example, it was believed that the exaltation of the cross all reptiles, snakes and lizards, sliding into one place, to make his winter nest. That’s why carefully locked gates and doors to not a snake crawled into the house.
What should I do in this holiday

September 27 every believer is the temple. The solemn Liturgy begins at night and ends in the morning by the removal of the cross. Every person that came to this holiday in the temple, certainly wants to worship the Shrine.

On this day we need to spend more time for prayers. You can gather the family for a family dinner. However, all dishes must be meatless. Pray, congratulate each other, thank the Lord and wish you all good health.

According to folk tradition on the feast of Exaltation Holy cross protects all living things from the evil eye, dark forces and evil. Therefore, in Russia this day was consecrated improvised crosses, which were placed in the huts, stables, barns, secluded places in the yard, etc.

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