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The ex-wife of businessman Nikolay Sarkisov gave birth to a child actor from Lithuanian

Ex-wife of the owner “RESO-Garantia” Nikolai Sarkisov Julia Lubchansky is a genius of disguise. For a long time the blonde managed to conceal not only a new lover, but also the birth of the fourth child!

During pregnancy, Julia was not published in the Network photos where you could see her belly. Unsuspecting subscribers surprised when Instagram Lyubechanskii began to appear pictures of the newborn.

No longer able to hide his happiness, Julia told me that the baby in the photo is her daughter Lukeria that she had a baby with her new lover — Lithuanian actor James Tratas. According to Lyubechanskii, it does not bother that her choice is not as rich as her former husband.


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“James happy. We love each other and most importantly. He is a talented actor and I wholeheartedly believe in its future. To the delight of those who appreciate this life only money, I will say that, while his name you will find, and the Forbes list, but, believe my experience, it is not important. This does not prevent him to give me gifts to pamper me and make a happy. He never would allow me to keep it. This is a real man, he’s an incredible person with a kind heart and strong shoulder. That’s the kind of man imagines every woman, closing her eyes and praying to God to send her the other half. I am the luckiest woman in the world because the Lord has heard me, and sent it to me. All the talk about the fact that I left Nicholas to James — nothing more than gossip. We met after the breakup with my ex-husband. It happened in the most difficult moment in my life when I buried first my beloved grandmother, and then my own mother. He was next to me, he supported me every second. If not for him, I don’t know how could survive it all. And then a miracle happened and we had our little Princess, our darling daughter,” wrote Julia (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Lubianskaya also denied rumors that the daughter she gave birth to a surrogate mother. The woman said that in their family album with many pictures of her pregnancy, but flaunting them is not going to. “Just happiness love peace and we, unlike many, is not engaged in moral exhibitionism,” concluded Julia.

Recall that from my ex-husband Lubchansky has three children — Marc, Nikita and Sofia.

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