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The ex-soloist of “VIA gra” boasted forms in a revealing swimsuit

Экс-солистка "ВИА Гры" похвасталась формами в откровенном купальникеSanta Dimopoulos won the chiseled figure in a bright bikini.

Santa Dimopoulos posed on a yacht in a luxurious bikini with a bright print.

The stay singer shared on his page in the social network.

Also under a series of other photos in fashionable swimsuit Santa decided to talk about the masks that people wear.

“I already spoke with you about the mask, but today want to focus on one specific. Is the mask of the victim.
Everyone has a friend/relative/acquaintance who is constantly bad, and guilty, as a rule, this is not it. To the question “How are you?”, you are likely to hear another story about the problems at home, at work, in transport, or on vacation. You have repeatedly listened to this man, told him something, perhaps felt exhausted, but fulfilled their duty. Or maybe you are dissatisfied with life and you somehow are not as the others – worse, and out of it is not visible and nobody understands…
The truth is that there comes a day (and often night), when the mask is broken, and the one who all his life had offended, or allow themselves to be hurt, sees in the mirror is not very pleasant person who just ruined if not life, then a significant part of it. If you suddenly think that it’s right for you (or your loved one) is not so lucky, and are not familiar with the concept of “the mask of the victim” – just google it.
I’m not a psychologist, but I think that the weak are not born and, if and to blame someone for the fact that all was not right, it is only yourself.
Don’t wear a mask, trust me, you’re much prettier without them.”

Экс-солистка "ВИА Гры" похвасталась формами в откровенном купальнике

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