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The ex-soloist of “NIKITA” was struck by the flexibility

Экс-солистка "NIKITA" поразила гибкостью Anastasia Kumeyko continues to spoil fans spicy photos.

The singer never misses an opportunity to tease dreaming of her admirers, who day and night flipping through her photos on Instagram and can’t take my eyes from them.

This time Nastya was doing the morning yoga and decided to boast of achievements in the social network. Kumeyko, demonstrated unreal flexibility, wearing bodysuits, leggings and a scarf, which hid his hair.

“Do not show van dam. Will start to get a complex.”, “How charming!”, “You are so cool!!!”, – so reacted to the efforts of Anastasia Kumeyko, her faithful followers, admires her beauty and candor.

Экс-солистка "NIKITA" поразила гибкостью

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