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The ex-soloist of group “Cream” has commented on allegations of fraud

Recently, the Network appeared the news that Daria Ermolaeva from the first part of the group “Cream” is in a difficult situation. Allegedly, the singer needs medical and financial assistance. Actress Teona Dolnikova, a friend of Daria’s, some time ago posted on Instagram with a request to help with money the former soloist of the popular group. She also wrote that all the troubles to blame the ex-husband of singer Denis Gatalsky that forced Daria to sell the apartment and move to Brazil.


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Denis instantly denied this, and stated that the long-divorced singer and the baby she is expecting with another man. In addition, Gatalsky called friends were tricksters. “Published by Dolnikova information has nothing to do with reality, except that she lives in Brazil, and on their own, and waiting for the birth of the second child from the current local young man,” said the ex-husband of the actress.

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Daria’s response was not long in coming. Ermolaeva published in Instagram post with gratitude, which appealed to her closest people. “I was inundated with calls and messages from concerned in varying degrees to people who worry about me. My close friend kindness have published a post where I urged people to help me… many speculate now on my condition, groundless accusing me and Theon of fraud. It’s all true. Don’t get me wrong — soon the light will be my baby, and all my thoughts are directed to his appearance into the world was not overshadowed by anything. Plus there is an older toddler who requires a lot of time, effort and attention. I was very nervous from all sides, and I’m afraid worsening. Do not misunderstand me”, the singer wrote (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Later, Daria commented on her ex-husband in interview “This is false information and slander. Denis is a stupid man and is afraid of everything. Lying, protecting yourself from liability. I do not climb and do not intend to. I have all the documents and evidence. He is an empty word. Let prove at least one of them. It’s a mess. And I’m not going to irritate yourself with it. It is useless to frighten me, that’s ridiculous and not Mature. Personally, I worse certainly will not. So I don’t care. I am not at war, to take sides. With me however, and this is important. All the rest is tinsel”.

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