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The ex-fighters of “Tornado” on hunger strike

Экс-бойцы "Торнадо" объявили голодовкуThe hunger strike announced due to the cancellation of the “law of Savchenko”.

Eight former fighters of the battalion “Tornado”, who were found guilty in illegal activities and are now housed in jail, went on hunger strike because of the cancellation of the “law of Savchenko”.

On this day, June 22, a spokesman for the Committee for the liberation of political prisoners Tetyana Blyznyuk.

“They approached us, so we were able to group other detention centers against the abolition of the law Savchenko. Thus, canceled their last hope, because the conditions in jail are only getting worse,” said Blyznyuk.

“We are confident that MPs adopted changes only permanently discredit human rights and promote corruption in the courts of Ukraine. Otseneny law at least somehow balanced a clumsy system of pre-trial detention and detention in inhuman conditions,” – reads the statement of the condemned.

At the moment, statements about the hunger strike was signed by eight people. They complain first and foremost on the poor state of facilities, poor sanitary conditions, lack of uninterrupted water supply, poor heating in winter.

“We are citizens of Ukraine, having no other possibility to defend their rights, we consider it our civic duty to defend their rights in accordance with these reasons and are forced to declare an indefinite hunger strike” – quoted Bliznyuk statement tornadovtsev.

The strikers demand a meeting with the Parliament Commissioner for human rights, the formation of the Committee from among human rights activists and MPs to further examine the critical situation in prison.

We will remind, the law, which cancels the possibility of recalculating the sentence on “Savchenko’s law” (the law on enrollment of 1 day pre-trial detention as a 2-day period of the primary punishment), entered into force on 21 June.

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