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The ex-employees of Rockstar have announced GTA own with absolute freedom of action

Экс-сотрудники Rockstar анонсировали собственную GTA с абсолютной свободой действийThe first Studio is called Everywhere.

A group of former employees of Rockstar games producer Leslie Benzis (Leslie Benzeis), lead programmer entwisle Colin (Colin Entwistle) and a specialist in working with sound effects, Matthew Smith (Matthew Smith) has announced that their Studio Square Peg Game at the moment is working on creating unique games with the absolute freedom of action and open world.

According to Leslie Benzis, he considers the new project as something different from the current version of GTA V, as the simulation of the real world. He would like to see a game that can grow and grow indefinitely, something washed away with the boundaries between reality, simulation and gameplay. His purpose, the developer has called the creation of a platform through which players can not only entertain, but also to entertain the other participants of the project.

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As noted by Leslie, gamers are becoming more demanding and smarter, so in our game, the developers want to give them complete freedom of action. In Everywhere of the promise to make lots of game modes to satisfy all styles. In addition, the developers will give the opportunity to players to create all the characters and do what they always wanted to do.

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At the moment, nobody knows anything concrete about the release dates and at what stage of development. However, the game already got its own official website.

Leslie Benzis still suing Rockstar. He claims that after the release of GTA V in 2013, the company does not valatile him about $ 150 million as royalties. Rockstar, in turn, accused the producer of violating a signed agreement.

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