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The evolution of Freddy Krueger (VIDEO)

Recently, we reported that Robert Englund finally done with Freddie. After all, the age affects even otherworldly monsters, eh. While the character of bury is not worth it. In the end, it played not only Englund, here and talk about the new candidate in the person of Kevin Bacon appear not just. In short, Freddie lived, Freddie’s alive, Freddie will live on. And there is a sense that in cases of emergency and offer the old Robert can still take off the gloves with nail.

But this statement is a good occasion to look back and remember the way Freddie in the movie. He first appeared on screen in 1984 and through the horror films gradually gained cult status. The next meeting with him will take place in 2018 in the fiction of Steven Spielberg’s “the First player to get ready”, even if only for a few seconds. Over the years, the way Freddie could not change at all, and the guys from the YouTube channel “Then and now” (Then & Now) has created a video in which you can trace the evolution of the character.

Material enough for a 9-minute video includes not only excerpts from all the films in the franchise “a Nightmare on elm street”, but “cameo” Freddie in music videos. Separately pleased with the inclusion in the video a short scene from the first “Scream” where the Director Wes Craven (part-Creator Freddie) played the school janitor in a hell of a familiar robe.

In General, check it out. It is very entertaining.

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