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The European Parliament prepared a resolution on the Azov sea

Европарламент приготовил резолюцию по Азовскому морюThe European Commission has called for sanctions against Russia in case of escalation.

The European Parliament urges the Vice-President of the European Commission, high representative of the European Union Federica Mogherini to prepare possible sanctions against Russia, which will be introduced in the event of an escalation in the Azov sea.

The corresponding resolution on the situation in the Azov sea was adopted on Thursday.

“The European Parliament urges the Vice-President/high representative more closely monitor the development of the security situation in the Azov sea, which may have broad implications for security policies that affect the EU and its member States. Also (European Parliament) calls on the Vice-President/high representative to closely monitor the developments, to establish the command chain and to prepare possible the EU restrictive measures that should be imposed in case of escalation,” the resolution says.

The European Parliament also called on Mogherini to take all necessary steps for operationalizing the mandate of the Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine, which covers its entire territory, including marine, to monitor the situation in the Azov sea.

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The European Parliament called on the European Commission and the European external action service to consider ways in which support carriers and ports affected by blocking and inspections of Russian ships in the Kerch Strait and the Azov sea, particularly through new development projects and investments in the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk, to which access is difficult because of Russia’s actions.

The resolution notes that the illegal blockade and inspections on the part of Russia has undergone more than 120 commercial vessels under various flags of member States of the EU.

“The European Parliament considers these checks as the restriction of the freedom of navigation and obstacle to trade and transport in the region, which leads to losses when idle on all ships on the way to/from the ports of Ukraine; the European Parliament indicates that these tests have a significant negative impact on the workload and economic viability of the respective ports of Ukraine”, – the document says.

The European Parliament condemned Russia for violating Ukraine’s sovereignty by the illegal occupation of the Crimea and the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait, over the increased militarization of the Crimean Peninsula and Azov sea and increasing military presence of Russian naval forces by strengthening the black sea fleet and the coast guard in the Azov sea.

The European Parliament has also supported Ukraine in its efforts to continue to use diplomatic and legal means to counter Russia, including the ongoing arbitration process in accordance with the UN Convention on the law of the sea.

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