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The EU may exclude Lucas and Klyueva from the sanctions list

ЕС может исключить Лукаш и Клюева из санкционного спискаAnother 12 people can stay in the list for another year.

The European Union may exclude from the sanctions list of the former Minister of justice of Ukraine Elena Lukash and the businessman Sergey Klyuev.

“Former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash and the businessman Sergey Klyuev can be excluded from the list of EU sanctions for the misappropriation of Ukrainian state funds of Yanukovych and another 12 people can stay in the list for another year”, – he wrote in his microblog Twitter.

The reasons for this decision, the journalist said.

Recall that Lucas in 2013-2014, he held the post of Minister of justice in the government of Mykola Azarov. 27 Feb 2014 after the victory of Euromaidan, she was dismissed and to perish from public space. Lucas was detained in November 2015, and charged with suspected embezzlement of 2.5 million UAH.

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According to investigators, Lucas, working as a Minister of justice, acting in collusion with officials of LLC “European legal group” and physical persons-entrepreneurs, during August 2013 – January 2014 took over of state funds in the amount of 2,523 million hryvnias, having fictitious tenders within the framework of the national programme of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the EU legislation. Lukash March 2014 is in the sanctions list of the European Union.

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Sergey Klyuev is suspected of involvement in the scheme for assigning Yanukovych’s residence “mezhigorye”. The Prosecutor General’s office entered Mezhyhirya in the case Klyuev in June 2015. He is suspected of giving undue advantage to Yanukovych in the form of free use of buildings and premises in the tract Mezhyhiria to Yanukovych, in turn, contributed to the Kluyev brothers in obtaining jobs and business with the use of budgetary funds.

The charges are related to articles 209 (money laundering), 203 (occupation by the forbidden types of economic activity), 358 (forgery), 368 (receiving a bribe), 369 (bribery) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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