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The EU court decided to lift sanctions against Klyuyev

Суд ЕС постановил отменить санкции против Сергея КлюеваWanted Sergei Klyuyev remains the people’s Deputy of Ukraine.

The court of the European Union annulled the decision of the EU Council from March 2017 with respect to the sanctions that were imposed on the Ukrainian Deputy Serhiy Klyuyev and active until March of this year.

The court also decided that the restrictions should remain in force at least until the end of the term, March 6, to formally give the opportunity to appeal the decision of the court of General jurisdiction.

At this time the EU Council will check the validity of the fact that Klyuev was in the sanctions list and that it indeed falls under the criteria of the persons to whom restrictive measures are imposed.

The ECJ recognized the possibility that information provided to the Council of the European Union Kiev can be unreasonable and in some way lead to the adoption of inadequate solutions.

At the same time, those facts that were given today, according to the court, insufficient for further sanctions.

The court also upholds the decision of the first complaint Klyuyev, which was annulled sanctions in October 2015 and March 2016.

Constraints can be imposed on a person who was “identified as responsible for the misappropriation of public funds,” said the EU court, but sufficient evidence of this in relation to Sergei Klyuyev was not provided.

Sergei Klyuyev, from, 2015 is in search of the SBU.

In December 2015 in the Parliament received the proposal of the then General Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Shokin on the detention and arrest of people’s Deputy Serhiy Klyuyev.

Wanted Sergei Klyuyev remains the people’s Deputy of Ukraine.

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