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The EU appreciated Ukraine’s chance to get the first tranche of financial assistance

ЕС оценил шанс Украины получить первый транш финансовой помощиThe European Commission does not see problems that will prevent Ukraine to €500 million this year.

Ukraine this year could receive the first tranche of €500 million from the fourth macro-financial assistance program of the EU with a total amount of €1 billion.

“I can say that a lot of the work Ukraine has already fulfilled, and this gives reason to believe that the current program will be successful. And I see no problems that will prevent Ukraine to receive the first tranche this year,” he said.

Dombrovskis noted that the size of the macro-financial assistance programs, as a rule, is determined on the basis of the available macro-financial issues in the state.

“We proceeded from the current economic situation in Ukraine and we believe that this amount is sufficient. As you know, the new program is a billion euros in two tranches of €500 million Besides, our help is associated with the presence of cooperation with the IMF. For the EU it is essential that you have had an active program of cooperation with the Fund”, – he added.

Note that Ukraine will not have problems with the receipt of the first tranche, but for the transfer of the second part funds the EU has established a number of serious requirements.

Among them, promoting privatization, including selling at least 200 objects that are owned by the state; management reform of public enterprises, including the establishment of an independent Board of the Ministry of energy; the creation of a corporate management system of state banks, the promotion of the return of the assets related to bad loans, changes in the system of prevention of money laundering, as required by the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine.

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