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The estheticians explained the dangers of anti aging cosmetics

Косметологи объяснили, чем опасна антивозрастная косметикаThe makeup has its “pitfalls”.

The promises of the manufacturers of anti-aging products about the results of using anti-aging creams are not as truthful. Despite the fact that many creams, gels, serums from a medical point of view to produce results, doctors recommend to treat with caution to use such products because side effects can affect the condition of the body.

A beauty consultant Shweta Mehter from Delhi believes that the attractiveness etiotrasta creams is that they are, at first glance, can replace cosmetic surgery, a Botox treatment or any other procedure that can rejuvenate the face. In addition, the cream is much cheaper than anything else. But most consumers are oblivious to the fact that each person is different, but the result may not be the same for everyone.

You should consider the skin type (dry, normal, oily and combination) for which the same product may not be suitable.

A very important factor when choosing anti – aging cream hormonal composition of the body. Certain creams are recommended for women in menopausal period (30-40 years), when hormonal balance of the body is disrupted. Problems of the endocrine system should also be considered when choosing a cream. Therefore, to blindly follow the advertising, which advises to choose the cream for women after 30 a certain brand, price unreasonable.

Leather Western men and women on its own structure different from the skin of Asians, therefore the same results should not be expected.
Age to use cosmetics is followed in moderation. Excessive application of the cream promotes the formation of pimples and rashes. The skin will thin, leading to the appearance of blood vessels on the surface.

Use of the wrong product or the right, but in the wrong quantities, leading to dryness and pigmentation. Some creams are sensitive to the sun, so they should be applied at night.

But we should remember that aging is a biological process, stop which are still unknown. Anti aging cosmetics can only slightly slow down the process.

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