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The epidemic of shyness, and other diseases of the Kremlin

Эпидемия стеснительности и другие кремлевские болезни

A series of failures of the Kremlin in elections at all puzzled. I read already a dozen articles in Newspapers and telegram channels that new era. Some write — an era of unprecedented purity, transparency and competitiveness of the electoral procedures. Write, and if you see the price tag, each word is pasted.
Show completely… Others write — the end has come to the criminal authorities, the people rebelled, down with the tyrant Shport, thank Furgala liberator. But the liberator Furgal differs from the dictator Shport, except the names, to explain actually difficult.

But some signs of the onset of a new era, a new way of relationship building between the people of the state with ordinary people, and the truth is visible to the naked eye. And I would probably have called this new era the era of shyness.
Years after the unfortunate failure in the Duma elections in 2011, followed by the first protests, and then the arrests — but not those who vote falsified, and those who are against fraud protested the election results at any level without any hesitation customized for the desired result. First, any “source close to the fields,” spoke on condition of anonymity progressive journalists about what the results of the counting of the presidential administration, then those same figures were published by the FOM or VTsIOM, but we have called reason “the data of sociological polls”, and then it turned out that the percentage of votes for the government at the next election miraculously coincided with the wishes of the AP, and “survey data”.

And now something is beginning to break. First in Primorye, drew — almost live — the victory of the Moscow appointee Andrei Tarasenko. Then confused, began to wriggle, Ella Pamfilova told about ocean liners of the Ussuri taiga, where all the men wear skirts, crossed out, as one vote for the regime. But a day later changed his mind, just shy of his own success in drawing the figures, and the results were canceled.

Svetlana Orlova — now ex-boss Vladimir region — also had begun to redraw the result, but embarrassed in the process. Vyacheslav Shport seem to even add anything not steel really became shy.

But it all started really not even elections. The Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny is not the first year catches the hand to a different state of people who shamelessly plunder the state property. How to react the state the people? Did not respond. There is nothing to remember. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev after a film about a house for ducks said, remember that this is all “nonsense, paper, and stewed fruit”, and this is perhaps the most lengthy and substantial of the “rebuttal” on the investigation of the FBC. Yes, there was, of course, is the famous video of Alisher Usmanov, but Usmanov — the person not public, at least formally.

And then suddenly the whole head of the Federal service of national guard troops of the Russian Federation — chief of the troops of the national guard of the Russian Federation (actually the way the person is officially called a post, as many as 14 words, envy and admire), Viktor Zolotov writes to a Bulk message. And their scales, among other things, gold weighs the same as three of the Prime Minister. Office to, say, may enter without knocking. Julita, calling for a duel, threatening, remembers for some reason, “hood conceit” as a caricature of the Eastern poet of the stories about Nasreddin Hodja, in General, quite long and varied shame.

And just because a person caught stealing from its own employees. Two months ago he would, in the worst case, responded in Medvedev, and at best — no way. Now for some reason satisfied with the clowning, but still subordinate, they say, causes her to view. To those probably who about the investigation of the FBC have not heard anything, not miss this important information below exactly what even carrots they have the steal of the founding fathers of the commanders.

Once satisfied that means — shy. Feels a bit awkward, knowing that the whole country thief decried. Before our senior thieves of embarrassment did not know, but it seems the time of reclassification proud of their own achievements thieves in shy blue thieves. The characters of a horror film become the characters of the sitcom, without ceasing, however, to be beings for others is very dangerous, it is important to keep in mind.

A few months Russian Federation for any charges associated with poisoning in Salisbury, answered in the same way as Bart Simpson in the famous cartoon: “I didn’t do it”. When surfaced in the British media Petrov and Bashirov, the reaction was accordingly: the regulars talk show mocked a mediocre English that even normal names can’t they make up as Russian agents. And then suddenly those who write for the regulars talk-show manuals, something shy. And on TV, most of those Petrov and Bashirova. And Petrov and Bocharovym obviously shy during the conversation with Margarita Simonyan, even sweating. And she stopped, seemed to hesitate a shared role, although it would seem, where shame, where is Margarita Simonyan, collector of the dew of God.

And so on.

Knowing something about the habits of our owners, I would venture to suggest a hypothesis to explain this sudden epidemic of shyness. Because they sincerely believe that to give any, even reasonable and intelligent (no, not so: especially reasonable and sensible) requirements of society, so to show weakness. At the same though they look the people, long ago lost the shore, but do something about ourselves to understand more. And time of the action, which seemed to them their natural right, namely, theft, election fraud, etc. in the same spirit, is now suddenly forced to be ashamed of, so feel and understand, know that the forces are not the same.

Well, just now the country is not ruined, dealing with their own old systems. We’re with you, unlike them, wish the Motherland of freedom and prosperity. And so — even embarrassed by their shyness civilians a lot more than such a constraint, the more people understand who we are here at all now it.

Very much they samorazoblachitelnym turns out to be shy.

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