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The entire budget — to Bulk

Весь бюджет — на Навального

How to equip Russia, everyone spoke, there was only start. And the main thing — why?

And we must start with caring for the creation, enhancement, preservation and reasonable distribution of public goods. It is the benefit of the public — is composed from two sides. On the one hand the oil, gas and so forth, than God has endowed Russia. But on the other hand, that he was a sinful man will create his activities, and will bring the public good. The more public good, the better and more fun person to live with.

But not everyone is! There is a caveat. All that God has given Russia all the wealth of its nature — is divided among the most worthy, i.e. among those who are closer to the body of His Anointed. And so what was left and divided at all, including again those who divided among themselves the oil, gas and so on. This method of distribution of public goods clearly depicted in the film “Wedding in Malinovka” and called the carve on the principle of Papadopoulos.

In short, satiety and liveliness in the ordinary Russians, in the parlance of the layman, depends only on the part of the public good, which is created exclusively his work. The more the inhabitant was produced, the more he took to the public good, but then just a large piece of public benefit it is returned under the guise of Sovereign benevolence.

It has happened that, for the Russians fought so hard, painful economic reforms carried out! The public good, i.e. from the state budget, managed to get the lion’s share of oil and to enroll only the so-called “cut off price”. The standard of living of Russians, thus, no longer depend on the fluctuations of the world prices for oil. There may, in fact, when you want!

But since the Russians clearly explained that the oil and gas they did not open his mitten, it is particularly important to monitor the equitable distribution of what in the state budget left.

Here, for example, was moved from there to feast on one character, whose name in vain the Kremlin is not mentioned. And how deftly adapted, rogue — through the European court! Recently again there was ordered to provide him 63,6 thousand dollars from the Russian budget. Well it’s almost 5 million, crazy money! And the Ministry of justice has already saluted you, saying, do not worry, will pay every dime, to the penny.

What do you mean pay? Any generous found! The Minister of Finance during the week of “Gucci” products factory “Bolshevik” disguised, prowling among the common people, and small-medium business and checks it’s time again to clean the pockets of any tax, and the justice Ministry “will pay”!

You have to specify what specifically the judge made the decision, whereby the European court now our coffers clean. To deprive the judge of the mantle to initiate a criminal case for damage to the state budget in especially large size and to confiscate by a corresponding amount. And then the next in the mantle, before you perform the instructions above, will long to scratch turnip and I might not dare to a rash step. Otherwise the European court will soon all our budget on this, whose name cannot be pronounced, rewrite.

That’s why, I think, and should start the development of Russia. And, by the way, this, without a surname, the surname Bulk.

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