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The Englishman was forbidden to drive a car because of the huge growth

Англичанину запретили водить авто из-за гигантского ростаThe police decided that the man driving standing.

The court forbade the British to drive the car because its growth was distracting other drivers.

Police stopped 26-year-old resident of Newcastle Adam Elliot when he was driving a convertible Ford Ka. The attention of the law raised the man’s head, towering above the windshield. They suspected Elliott that he runs the car standing.

However, it turned out that the growth of the men involved in the sale of the car is about 200 inches, and he just didn’t fit in the car that he drove to the customer. “The police claimed that I was behind the wheel, but it’s not. I’m just too tall for this car,” he said.

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During the next session in court Elliot, on the recommendation of a lawyer admitted to dangerous driving. “It is obvious that you flaunted in front of other drivers, demonstrating its growth in the small car with the roof. You distracted, and that’s dangerous,” said listening to the judge.

Elliot banned from driving until at least 27 February — next meeting in court. It should be chosen as a measure of punishment for the young man.

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