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The engines of rockets “proton-M” was ineffective

Двигатели ракет "Протон-М" оказались неэффективнымиProduced for several years the engines of the second and third stages of the carrier rockets “proton-M” will return the Voronezh mechanical plant for rechecking and corrective.

Russian Corporation “Roscosmos” has decided to withdraw used in the second and third stages of the carrier rockets “proton-M” engines RD-0210/0211 and RD-0213/0214 production of the Voronezh mechanical plant (VMZ) because of the technological problems uncovered during the fire tests.

“We are talking about all the engines for “Proton”, released on VMZ over the past few years. Tens units, including those that have already been delivered to Baikonur,” – said one of interlocutors of the edition.

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It is reported that instead of materials containing precious metals, which should be applied on this type of engines were used less heat-resistant, “non-liquid components”, which are used in other types of engines produced in Voronezh.

It is specified that “according to the documents, which were signed by the inspectors, the engines in perfect order,” so law enforcement officers of Russia “trying to understand” as the replacement of materials was not noticed by the representatives of “many of the institutions responsible for quality control”.

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Only in 2017, Roskosmos are expected to spend 27 launches, at least eight of which have to Protons.

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