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The engineers showed how it will look in the house for life on Mars

Инженеры показали, как будет выглядеть дом для жизни на МарсеHomes have familiar physical attributes of dwellings.

The astronomers of the Royal Observatory of London, together with the author of “How we will live on Mars” Steven Petrenko presented a demonstration of the Mars house to make it clear how it will look life on the red planet.

“I believe that all logistical and technical issues in the near future be successfully solved, — said the astronomer Marek Kukula. — The main challenge will be the survival of the planet and preservation of morale”.

He stressed that the first colonists will have to live in small rooms, seeing the same person indefinitely, in the knowledge that you are millions of miles from home. It is important not to stop being funny.

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Homes have familiar physical attributes of dwellings. There is a microwave, and a cupboard for personal belongings. From the unusual — a 3D printer and virtual reality glasses. Everyone in this house is their workplace, next to it hangs a TV, apparently, for news about the next presidential race. Also has space for experiments and research.

Expedition to Mars — this is a ticket only at one end, so the astronauts have to be completely Autonomous. In the demo sample shows the mechanism of growing a variety of nutritious crops. It can be tomatoes and potatoes, and fruits — everything that can be put on the Ground, says Dr Kukula.

Mars in this house will not have Windows to prevent radiation exposure. The astronauts will sleep in a special compartment below the level of the surface of the planet. Beds placed in the room, just for resting. It is likely that Martian homes will look exactly alike, but yet still not know the material of which will be built a real model.

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For reference: flight to Mars is expected to begin in the foreseeable future. Work on projects both private and public companies. To this point, Elon Musk had promised to send to the planet a million people by 2030, a similar time calls Barack Obama. Boeing is in a hurry to overtake them both. This parallel course is followed by China, so that soon Mars will definitely become crowded.

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