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The engineers pointed out the basic errors in the use of smartphones

Инженеры указали основные ошибки при использовании смартфоновThese tips will help you extend the life of your device.

Many of us out of habit, ignorance or due to accidents (from which you can easily protect yourself) will shorten the life of their smartphones.

Discharge to zero

With lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries have a feature — if you completely expend the charge, their capacity gradually decreases. To avoid this, it is sufficient to put the smartphone in the charging when the battery is discharged up to a maximum of 10%, and better still early. Then it will last much longer. Also it is recommended to charge your smartphone to 100% and up to 80%. Some applications (for example, AccuBattery) reproduce a notification sound that the device it is time to remove the charge. In theory, if the battery charge between 40 to 80%, it will last as long as possible
Cheap charging and batteries

Using a fake charger and aftermarket batteries are dangerous. Many of them burn and will not provide the proper level of safety due to the fact that manufacturers save on everything: the wires, controllers and other things.

A bad cable

To use a bad cable is bad. Due to bad wire insulation can go awry, leading to failure of the charger or a short circuit in the controller of the smartphone and the failure of the logic Board.

Bad case

Poor case with poor ventilation may cause overheating of the battery during charging or using demanding applications. Strongly heated battery to catch fire. If you are using a thick case, remove it while it is charging and when it’s played.


Dust that has entered the smartphone can be disastrous. It’s one thing when she gets under the glass screen and will interfere only visually, another when she, when wet, can cause a short circuit. Avoid dust — do not keep the smartphone in the contaminated areas.


Water is bad for the smartphone. If he has no reliable protection, moisture may penetrate through the charging port, audio Jack or speakers. Short circuit, the occurrence of which contributes to water causes an increase in current, heat and failure of device components. Water can get into the smartphone in the rain, in the bathroom, or when you spill even a few drops of tea or other liquid.

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Perhaps the most common problem that kills smartphone drop onto a hard surface from a great height. To protect themselves from damage by using a cover. As a rule, than it is thicker, the stronger, but even a simple silicone bumper (even hand made) can be life-saving.

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