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The enemy of nail fungus: causes and treatment

Враг ногтей - грибок: причины возникновения и лечениеFungal diseases are the most common ailments on earth.

Fungus or nail mycosis is an infectious disease that you can catch from others.

This disease usually affects men. To avoid this disease is necessary to monitor the purity of his body and to use only their stuff. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The disease itself does not pass, and needs careful treatment.

To properly diagnose without the help of a specialist can not do. The doctor will prescribe you the appropriate treatment, but in addition to it, you can use folk methods of treatment of nail mycosis. Traditional medicine, for example, recommends doing foot baths and lotions from broth celandine herbs. The legs need to steam for about half an hour, and lotions are imposed on the affected nails. Instead of celandine, you can use baking soda of a teaspoon per liter of water.

Mycosis of the nail can also be treated with the following solution: two teaspoons of alcohol and of vinegar, and one teaspoon of glycerin. All ingredients should be mix well and smear a ready-made solution diseased nails during the month. The diseased nail at the end of treatment will disappear, and in its place will grow healthy.

Athlete’s foot can be treated also by using burdock. It must apply to the sick nails at night for months, the toes need to wrap the mug and put on top of cotton socks. If fresh burdock you can not find work, you can buy in the pharmacy alcohol tincture of propolis and lubricate her nails several times a day.

From the athlete’s foot helps also tincture of iodine. Throughout the month need times a day to lubricate her all the nails on the feet. If after five days you will feel a slight burning sensation, then the process goes successfully.

There is one popular recipe from nail mycosis. You need to take Rowan leaves and grind them in a mortar to form a slurry, which must be applied to the affected nails on top, wrap with a bandage or piece of gauze. When you feel that the contents of the bandage has dried, it needs to be replaced. The procedure is preferably carried out in the day when you can have the whole day to stay home. For full recovery, it is desirable to do this procedure at least once in three days.

Of course, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure, so it is important to observe the hygiene of the feet, do not wear too tight shoes, as well as to prefer footwear from natural materials. If you go to the sauna or pool, it is necessary to wear special shoes, adapted for this.

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