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The economy is developing in Russia despite sanctions

Экономика в России развивается вопреки санкциям

According to past 2018, in the economic sphere in Russia has been a positive trend of more rapid growth. This became known from the report of the world Bank, in which they talked about the future development of the industry worldwide. According to these indicators, the level of inflation in Russia remained quite low, despite the restrictions applied by other countries.

As stated in the report, the Russian economy continued its growth despite the increase in the cost of oil and oil products. The growth of the domestic economy has been due to internal activity and stability in this area. In General, the rate of acceleration for last year reached 1.6%.

The world Bank forecasts regarding the economy in Russia can be called optimistic. Although this year it is expected a slight decline of 0.1% in the subsequent years, the figure is expected to reach 1.8%.

It is noteworthy that the world Bank predicts a slowdown of economic growth worldwide. The reason for this is tension in the trade-economic relations between countries, as well as more stringent financing conditions. In addition, the negative factor will be the reduction in the volume of trade at the international level and industrial activity.

A few months ago, the head of the accounts chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin expressed his own opinion on the development of the domestic economy in 2019. He believes that the growth will decrease and will amount to less than 1%. The pessimistic forecast Kudrin linked with the anti-Russian restrictions, the fall of the national currency and the increase in VAT by 2%.




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