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The ecologist has warned Kiev about possible powerful flood

Эколог предупредил киевлян о возможном мощном паводкеWater will flow through troieschyna on the left Bank of Kiev.

Kiev may go under water in the case of large-scale floods, which are repeated in Ukraine every 30 years.

This opinion was expressed by the ecologist of International charitable organization “Environment-People-law” Alexey Vasilyuk. He added that the exact date of the incident can not be called.

“In this sense, Kyiv is a specific city. About possible floods in the capital, we speak, since 2008. But, of course, there is no result, no one is going to demolish the homes of politicians and officials in Koncha-Zaspa. Obviously. In average once in 30 years in the river there is a big flood. The last time such flooding occurred in 1970 and 1971 is even more than 30 years ago. And recent flooding severely flooded left Bank. Then still in fact left Bank of the capital was not built and the village Troyeshchyna so flooded that the house was standing in water up to the roof,” he said.

Then a second across the Dnieper were 30 times more water than usual. And for the time the water spilled where today is located in a residential area. This water blows all but of big trees.

“When may occur the flood? At any time when there is much rain. Or after winter, when the earth first got wet and then froze, and after a sharp warming snow melts, but does not go into the frozen ground. And when comes the flood on the Dnieper and Desna – then in Kiev may be the biggest flood in Ukraine. Both rivers flow from the wetland regions of Belarus and Russia, where more snow. And so this flooding can occur at any time,” – said the ecologist.

According to him, now it is partly possible to control the waters of the Dnieper, since there is a cascade of reservoirs.

“For example, you can start to drastically lower reservoir, which are below. But below the Kakhovka reservoir no – in this case, it will flood all the villages that stand on the banks of the Dnieper below Kakhovka. And there is no-one will thank them and so there are constant flooding. And if even for a few meters down the reservoir, there generally all will float. But this is not the Kiev – where a few people lives. Accordingly, if you reduce the water level in advance, you can avoid the flood,” said Vasilyuk.

He added: even if it is to do, remains unregulated gums. And if there’s a big flood, the water will flow through troieschyna on the left Bank of Kiev.

“At the time we simulated the situation – what happens if it comes as much water as in 1970. As a result of our calculations we get the following picture flooded almost the entire left Bank, the whole Podil, Obolon”, – he stressed.

The risk for Kiev is because when the water comes to the capital, it wants to spread in the flood plains.

“But on the left Bank very high Poznyaki and Osokorki – I mean, there is a higher level of coast than on the main lines or troyeschina and on the right Bank raised reclaimed land in Koncha Zaspa. This means that in the South of Kiev, the water flow will be nowhere, because there is only the stream itself. And if at some point from North to Kiev will do big water, that will effect the “bottle neck” – the water won’t have time to go. This means that within Kiev, the water level will begin to rise sharply, precisely because she does not have time to go through the course. This will lead to flooding in Kiev”, – said the expert.

At the same time say exactly when flooding will occur, is difficult. Most water threatens Koncha Zaspa, because it’s just a bunch of sand.

“Imagine how sand behaves when the kids on the beach playing, and then sand castles washed away by the water. And this is exactly the same sand from the river Dnieper, just a big pile where the houses are built. That is, if there is a flood, then the house will stand on stilts, or they will collapse. The sand there is no fixed – mount sand a large area (from Kiev to Kozina), which is very easy to blur the water… Thus, one flood will wash away all quietly Koncha-Zaspa is a reality,” he concluded.

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