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The EC announced the introduction of the single road tax

ЕК анонсировала введение единого дорожного сбораOfficials want to simplify the movement of the European highways.

The European Commission plans to introduce road tolls on all roads in EU countries.

As said on 25 March, the European transport Commissioner Violeta Bulk, a bill will be submitted in may 2017.

The main objective of the EC is to facilitate movement of the European highways and to relieve drivers from having to stop to pay different duties on different parts of slopes and in the EU.

Instead, on the territory of the European Union centrally will be paid a single toll, which the vehicle owners will be able to pay or through a system of pre-payment or by monthly payments.

The amount of the toll will depend on the number of kilometers traveled and the degree of harm that the car has the environment, said the Bulk. The income from fees will be transferred to the budget countries, on the roads where the car drove.

The European Commission hopes to reach agreement on this issue between member States of the EU by the end of 2019.

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