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The easiest way to put unwanted

Ivan Golunov is one of the best investigative journalists in our country. For many years he was the editor of my programs interview #Sochaczewie continues to work with me on programs #of Ostorozhnosti.

Yesterday he was seized in the street, allegedly found with drugs and is now no longer available from ATS. Court, jail and the article is from 8 years of imprisonment. I repeatedly wrote and said that in modern Russia the easiest way to put unwanted person is to throw him the drugs. I’m pretty sure it’s a hell of injustice. Vanya — investigator, he was faced with constant threats, exposed the power of black realtors and garbage tycoons.

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That’s definitely not the profession to the house to cook meth. And I saw he needed the money and how modestly he lived. All this is some Hells of a mess. Photo provided as evidence of guilt, isn’t it (!) apartment!

Let’s demand justice for the one who fought corruption and criminal conspiracy in our country!

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