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The easiest method to enhance intestinal health

Самый простой способ укрепить здоровье кишечникаDoctors advise to eat seasonal vegetables.

People need to often use seasonal products in order to diversify intestinal bacteria. Thus, it is possible to strengthen the immune system and prevent a variety of diseases.

Eating dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients, enhances intestinal health, as the study showed. Scientists were observing a group of natives in Africa and found that they have a number of intestinal bacteria is about 30% more diverse than that of the developed Western countries. Science has long suspected that the diversity of bacteria in the intestines depends on the efficiency of the immune system. And now a group of researchers from Stanford University went to the African Savannah to the observations of the representatives of one of the tribes. Their diet depends on the time of year and availability of certain products and not on their variety on supermarket shelves.

It turned out that this seasonal dependence leads to the disappearance of various kinds of diseases and disorders in the intestine, which spread in the Western world, like epidemics, like inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and tumors of the intestine. Experts believe that processed food along with the wide use of antibiotics, the spread of cesarean section, and other lifestyle factors have led to reduced diversity of intestinal bacteria. All this weakens our immune system and increases the risk of developing various serious illnesses.

The diet of the natives, the scientists compared the food of ordinary Italians, who prefer Western style food. The natives in the diet was dominated by 5 products: meat, berries, baobab (fruit), honey and tubers. During the dry season the meat, baobab, and tubers were used more often, but the berries and honey prevailed during the wet season. Because of this, the gut microbiota from the natives in a markedly changed depending on the time of year that is fully in harmony with the availability of certain seasonal foods. Scientists believe these changes are essential to protect the health of human gut.

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