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The Earth moves a giant asteroid. Video

К Земле движется гигантский астероид. Видео It has a diameter of about five kilometers.

Just a month later, the asteroid Phaethon, the diameter of which is about five kilometers closer to the minimum distance to the planet.

Professionals who represent the Astronomical community of the Baltic Federal University of Kant, introduced the video in which the simulated convergence of cosmic bodies with the Earth.

At the point of closest approach the distance between the earth and the asteroid will be about ten million miles. The scale of the cosmos, this distance can be called quite small, but it is still far enough away that the fall of a large celestial body to Earth there was no fear, experts say. If a space body of this size collided with the Earth, the consequences for mankind could be catastrophic.

Faeton interesting very eccentric orbit, which in the course of its movement around the Sun it crosses the orbits of all four terrestrial planets: mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. During movement it comes very close to the Sun, because of what got its name. Phaeton, in whose honor this name space is the body character of Greek myths, begged his father Helios for the resolution to rule the solar chariot.

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Experts believe that in the past, the asteroid was even bigger than it is now, however, the regular approach to the Sun, has led to the fact that he broke many small fragments. Now small asteroids, which in the past was part of the Phaeton, accompanying, and some are annually burned in the Earth’s atmosphere – it’s about the meteor shower the Geminids, the nearest its maximum on December 13-14.

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