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The earth is in mortal danger from space – scientists

Земле угрожает смертельная опасность из космоса, - ученыеLight show from black holes could harm Earth.

Scientists from Vanderbilt University say that black holes by the absorption of stars throwing light show.

And the light that comes from them can harm the planet Earth.

Scientists told about the increased risk of black holes. They don’t really absorb everything in its path, only certain stars.

During this process is the ejection of matter, accompanied by fireworks, consisting of absorbed objects, the flow of light and charged particles.

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It is important that the light from these fireworks on the contrary underestimated, although it represents a real threat to all planets.

There are black holes, as blazey – they are heavy duty quasars rays which can be dangerous for the Earth.

In the history of the cosmos there were cases when they destroyed an entire planet and made a mess in the galaxy.

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While more than a thousand blazers, but they are at a very far distance from Earth.

But the researchers emphasize that powerful quasars change their location, and humankind must be prepared for that.

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