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The earth had a second satellite

У нашей планеты появился второй спутник Flown past Earth asteroid began to rotate around her.

A couple of days ago we wrote about the 2018 RC asteroid that passed our planet at a record close distance (1/2 distance of the moon). According to some experts, this cosmic object was the second satellite of the Earth.

To grasp the essence of the theory, we must remember 2016. Two years ago, NASA noticed a small asteroid 2016 HO3, which in almost all respects was identical to 2018 RC. For the second year, the body flies in an orbit of our planet (seen in attached photo). As noted by scholars, that the body close to the Ground on 38 lunar distances, and it was “torqued”.

Therefore, if 2016 HO3 was covered with Earth, 2018 RC 100% was the second satellite of the planet. Experts have established that on 9 September, at the moment of approach of the asteroid had a near-zero rate for both the cosmic body, that is moved on a parallel course with the Earth (30 km/s).

The asteroid, as stated by the scholars, will not be forever circling above the Ground, and sooner or later will fall. It can happen tomorrow and next month. More accurate data has only NASA.

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