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The ears of the Kremlin Bulgaria discovered that the Russian security services bugged EU leaders at the hotel

Уши Кремля Болгария обнаружила что российские спецслужбы прослушивали лидеров ЕС в отеле

The Ears Of The Kremlin. Bulgaria discovered that the Russian security services bugged EU leaders at the hotel

In Bulgaria scandal: as it turned out, the Russian intelligence services massively bugged European leaders in Sofia from January to July 2018 – at that time Bulgaria participated in the capital activities of the European Union. The owner of a five star hotel in Sofia under investigation oligarch did not save a “red suitcase”, nor the friendship with the authorities.

The first suspicion about the mass wiretapping in the Bulgarian capital two weeks ago expressed a well-known Bulgarian journalist in the largest broadcast television bTV, Grigor Lilov. The reporter was asked to comment on mass searches in the hotel “Marinela” in the prestigious district of Sofia, Lozenets this hotel hosted the EU leaders during the summits.

A few years earlier the hotel was bought by the Kempinski entrepreneur Vetko by Arabadzhieva (he also owns a sugar factory and another hotel). The son of a businessman was arrested after the rooms “Marinelli” was found more than €5 million boxes of shoes and suitcases. The oligarch with his wife waiting in the Prosecutor’s office in Sofia, which they promise soon to come to the Cote d’azur in France, as the interior Ministry issued a warrant for their arrest through the Interpol system.

At the same time, despite doubts about the legality of business owners, it is the hotel “Marinela” has won the tender Committee EU presidency, which was headed by the Deputy Prime Minister for his organization lilyana Pavlova. Official information about what searches related to the presidency Bolaria in the EU, the prosecutors did not confirm the official accusation was “money laundering” and “tax evasion”. But then why, when the special operation of special services on the spot gave an interview to the media personally to the Prosecutor General of Bulgaria Ivan geshev, if we are talking about “everyday” OPG’s tax evasion?

“The hotel was bugged from basement to roof – and not some Bulgarian secret service,” said Grigor Lilov in broadcast television. According to him, everyone may come to mind is a simple question — can this happen without the knowledge of the owners? “We are talking about a very serious instrument, professional, require complex installation,” said he.


“The hotel was bugged from basement to roof”


Violet recalled that at Vetko Arabadjiev from the time of socialism has a record in the Bulgarian state security service (“Drzhavna sigurnost” or DS) and Thuon the entrepreneur is closely linked to the successor of the Bulgarian Communist party – the Bulgarian socialist party (BSP), which for 28 years has the support of Moscow. “For his business can be traced to the long arm of Golbeza,” says Violet, Recalling the so-called “red suitcase”, which in the late 1980-ies abroad took out a socialist capital. However, Arabadjiev and tie with the current Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on line different sort of gang of 90s, where the future oligarch and the head of the Cabinet cooperated with the authorities in different kind of businesses. According to Violet, however, “Sofia put pressure because of the wiretapping during the presidency in EU”.

Online edition quoted a former officer of the Bulgarian intelligence service, according to which “most likely, the hotel’s guests during the Bulgarian presidency of the EU was tapped by the Russian intelligence services, during your stay in the capital hotel “Marinela”. According to this source, it is Russia that has demonstrated the greatest interest to discredit the Sofia during its presidency in the EU.

Intelligence and security services of NATO and the EU have repeatedly warned the Bulgarian colleagues that the state “is the subject of hybrid war waged by the Kremlin.” “Russia has all the resources to carry out such subversive operations, to the same – their entire residency in the Balkans, controlled from Sofia,” said Bulgarian agent, retired.

According to the source, if the owners of the hotel did not know about the mass “wiretapping” in the building, then top management of the hotel definitely could not know about what is happening. The former agent also claims that during its construction in the late 80-ies of the hotel was a favorite place “for meetings of the Soviet, and later Russian agents”.

“Under communism stayed here and these top terrorists like Ahmed Agca <shooting at the Pope John Paul II in 1984 — The Insider>) and Carlos the Jackal <Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, who worked in the interests of “the people’s front for the liberation of Palestine “, the “Red brigades”, the “Japanese red army”, the Palestine liberation Organization — The Insider>“, — says the source.

Subsequently, the delegations of the Russian Federation also regularly stayed in the “Kempinski Zografski”, which later became the “Marinela” as due to his fame the largest hotel in the Bulgarian capital, and relative proximity to the Russian Embassy. There sat the intergovernmental Commission of Bulgaria and Russia, and hosted many other international forums.

Bulgarian media drew attention to the fact that in neighbouring Macedonia a year earlier, broke another spy scandal, confirming rumors about a hyperactivity of the Russian special services working in Sofia. Then it became clear that in Skopje the police investigate mass wiretapping of leading politicians, top officials and government executives. Macedonians suspect the Russian intelligence service, whose activities koordiniruyutsya of the Russian Embassy in the Bulgarian capital.

The former Bulgarian Ambassador in Moscow, Ilian Vassilev, confirmed in conversation with The Insider that the property has always been used by the Russian intelligence services. “The Bulgarian state Agency of national security DANS to resist the SVR and GRU just couldn’t do it”, — he said.

According to him, the Russian Embassy in Sofia do coordinates of agents of the SVR and GRU in all the Balkan States including Macedonia and Montenegro, where he stated “the hand of the Kremlin”. “We know that all communication equipment for a coup in Podgorica was received from the Bulgarian agents in the service of Russia”, – said the diplomat. According to him, for the exploration of “the wire – just part of the job”, because even if Moscow would not have achieved such success in spying on EU leaders, then at least able to take advantage of the helplessness of the Bulgarian secret service to discredit the success of the highlight of Sofia.


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