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The eagle predicted increase in the number of cases COVID-19 after the vote

В Орле предсказали рост числа заболевших COVID-19 после голосования

“What about the lifting of restrictions could there be? We grow, plateau will not be”

Chief infectionist of the eagle predicted increase in the number of cases COVID-19 after the vote on the Constitution

The eagle was one of the many Russian cities that refused to spend 24 Jun Victory parade because of the threat of further spread of the coronavirus. Chief freelance infectious disease Orel region, head of the Hepatology center city hospital. Victoria Botkin Adonieva said that the number of cases is growing, there is no “plateau will not be”, and about any lifting restrictions cannot speak.

“We have in Oryol region, about 500 cases per 100 thousand population — and this is an epidemic. And we continue to grow. What kind of stabilization, about what the lifting of restrictions could there be? We have a week, opening 232 beds, laid them severe bilateral pneumonia. This stabilization? And the mortality rate in the region is not low, for about 40 people. We are growing [number of cases]. Plateau will not” — she has informed in interview to the edition “the Oryol news”.

According to her, every day in the hospital comes around 30-35 people with coronavirus. Was and flash, for example, the growth of hospital admissions, the doctors fixed after Easter: “After the elderly EN masse, facing the street, then they all lie on the beds.” Adonieva sure due to vote on amendments to the Constitution, the situation may deteriorate.

“Necessarily [increase of cases]. But putting us nowhere. I was left with 20 beds, and today I’m going to close the hospital. Semashko has already been closed, the clinic also. Let’s vote who wants to, but no more beds,” said Victoria Adonieva.

Commenting on the official data on low mortality in Russia, she did not hide the fact that there is a problem with statistics on the incidence of COVID-19. “Statistics in our country are suffering. In all branches of medicine and in statistics is insane. I think that there are no exceptions to the General rule,” said the medic.

She also complained about the dismissive attitude of the authorities to the medicine. According to Adonias, what was created in Soviet times, now collapsed, infection beds “was minimalizarea to impossible”. While there is a shortage of doctors, where there is a shortage of infectious disease in heavily infected health care workers because they don’t know how to work with dangerous patients. Regions added Adonieva, face other problems.

“No assistance practically none profile because hospitals are running on kovid. To treat people from other diseases no one and nowhere. People continue to die from stroke, heart attack, cancer. We have a lot of deaths from arroza, I am a hepatologist and you know it,” she said.

According to official statistics, the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia has reached 569 063 people. For the entire period recorded 7841 death from coronavirus. In Orel — 4003 infected COVID-19, 45 people died. Outbreak of new coronavirus infection started in China in late 2019. To date, there have been recorded nearly 8.5 million cases COVID-19, more than 454 thousand deaths.


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