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The duration and quality of sleep can be due to genes

Продолжительность и качество сна могут быть обусловлены генамиGenetic region influencing the quality of sleep is also responsible for the synthesis of the body of serotonin.

Mechanisms that affect the duration and quality of sleep are still largely a mystery to science. A new study has shown that how we sleep could be due to genes.

The study, initiated by Exeter University, and conducted by an international team of scientists presented data on an existing connection between the human genetic code and its night life – the quality and duration of sleep. The conclusion that features of sleep can be caused by the genes was done by experts after analyzing the data, 85 of 670 members of the British Biobank, as well as 819 5 people from the three studies.

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In particular, researchers noted that a genetic region affecting the quality of sleep is also responsible for the synthesis of the body’s serotonin – a neurotransmitter that provides a feeling of peace, relaxation and happiness. Science has known that the serotonin levels in the body correlate indicators of strength, depth and continuity of sleep.

Another discovery made by the authors of this project, is that “atypical version of the PDE11A protein in the second chromosome affecting the duration and quality of sleep.” This finding is consistent with the results of earlier studies in which it was discovered, that by manipulation of the genome data it is possible to treat neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Scientists hope that their findings will help in the development of effective methods of struggle with insomnia.

“We still know relatively little about the mechanisms that affect the way we sleep. Meanwhile, the quality of sleep and its duration are closely linked with certain human diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and mental disorders,” said co-author Dr. Andrew wood.

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