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The DPRK said about the futility of talks with South Korea

Yesterday in the online edition of “Uriminzokkiri” has another editorial comment about the General situation on the Korean Peninsula. It contains criticism of a subordinate in relation to the US approach in South Korea and stated the inevitability of North Korea a dialogue only with Washington without the participation of Seoul.

In the comments referred to have become common among South Korean experts fears that Seoul has lost its active role and position in the dialogue on the Affairs of the Korean Peninsula. And these fears of the North Korean portal actually confirmed.

“If you look from our point of view, for us it is much more productive seem to be a direct dialogue with the United States, which in reality are controlled by South Korea, than to try to negotiate with Seoul, which a single step can not be done without receiving approval from the United States,” – said in comments. There has also explicitly added that “South Korea should not try to intervene when North Korea and the United States conduct direct negotiations with each other regarding pressing problems.” “Even if the South can get involved in the dialogue process, he is there to do simply nothing!” – the article says.

Another North Korean portal “Meari” was also released a similar message to the Seoul article. It is entitled “You decided to step back from the process.” “There is no point in negotiations that do not lead to progress and do not contribute to the improvement of inter-Korean relations… at Least ten, even a hundred times negotiate a settlement, take whatever the good intentions of the Declaration, but if it is impossible to implement due to the fact that your partner constantly looks at the opinions of external forces, how can we solve any problem with that?!” – says the publication.

Note that in recent years, among many experts on the Korean Peninsula is widely believed that the role of South Korea and the ROK President moon Jae-in in the dialogue between the United States and the DPRK is minimized. All offers about the active development of relations and cooperation with North Korea, Seoul has consistently answered that he was not able to do anything until approval from the United States, which clearly control the action of an ally. At first, Pyongyang hoped that the speaker for the inter-Korean cooperation President of Kazakhstan moon Jae-In can take a more independent position, but in the end it became evident that Seoul is willing to do only some symbolic steps, and all the real levers of control are in the hands of Washington.

Still, the leaders of South and North Korea held in 2018 three summit, and on June 30 of this year, we met briefly again when Phanmunchzhome Kim Jong-UN held talks with US President Donald trump. Kim Jong-UN had previously promised, that will visit a return visit to South Korea, but this seems to be the leader of the North is hardly going to fulfill its promises, referring to a subordinate relative to Washington the position of Seoul.

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