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The DPRK earned a nuclear reactor

В КНДР заработал ядерный реакторThe DPRK claim to have made significant progress in its nuclear program.

At the disposal of North Korea can be up to 50 kilograms of plutonium, enough to produce six or eight nuclear bombs.

Existing capacities allow to produce about another kilogram of plutonium per year.
To this conclusion came researchers from the programme 38 North with a private Us-Korea Institute in Baltimore, after studying satellite images.

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Experts also said that the DPRK probably has updated the work of the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon. They came to this conclusion, after studying satellite images.

In particular, the pictures for January 22, it is seen that from the cooling system of the reactor in the river gets warm water.
It is believed that Pyongyang uses the reactor at Yongbyon to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons.

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North Korea continues its nuclear and missile programs, in spite of the prohibitions of the UN and international sanctions.

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